Sunday, 18 March 2007

Another month of silence

I find myself wondering; am I serious about this nonsense? It's something I began to do in the thought of getting back into the habit of discursive writing after twenty years of writing only in the context of work or in replies to letters and emails. But I've hardly been diligent about it. There has to be something you want to write about, and for most days, that hasn't been true. Thus, nothing gets writ.

There have, it's true, been distractions, but one of the unstated rules of this particular blog is that I never intended to write about anything of real importance, and the distractions have been far too real to just meander about here. Suffice it that there have been things more important than this, but now it's time to have another think about what the heck I think I'm doing with this and whether it's going anywhere.