Saturday, 2 October 2010

emobile; as if the world needed another stupid company

Check it out. Ads like this are going up all over Dublin, for Eircom's newest attempt to capture the mobile market. These three people are allegedly part of the management team, which consists entirely of altogether-too-relaxed-looking clowns with supposedly reassuring titles. That's Sara, In charge of thinking ahead, John, Head of Non-Complication and Mark - Director of Simplicity. Not shown; Paul - Director of eliminating duplication and redundancy, because apparently they don't have that position. How else to explain the existence of two guys who apparently have the same job. Oh, you're arguing that non-complication and simplicity are different jobs? Not if they're done right, they're not. If your organisation actually has a difference between making it simple and making it not complicated, it ain't simple. Or not complicated. So the message here is emobile; it takes two kind of annoying looking guys to make it simple enough to use.

Also check out the way that five out of the six hands are in their pockets. Unlike in real life, when all six hands are going to be in YOUR pocket.

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