Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Comments; who knew?

Checking back on an old post about Sons of Anarchy, I discovered that there were three comments on the thing. I have comments? I was astonished. Not quite as astonished as I was when I discovered that there'd been almost 1400 page views of that blog entry. I got curious enough to go and look through the whole blog for comments to see what else I'd been missing. It looks as though my blog, pitiful little thing that it is, probably gets more hits than my work website…..

So, an apology, and a slight change of policy. I've always treated this blog as something that no-one much except me was bothering to read. That's still almost true, but plainly not completely true, so it's time I started dealing with it a little bit differently. It turns out that there's a way to monitor comments, so I've set that up, and will try to respond to comments as they're made. I imagine that all the people who commented gave up on me completely as a bad job, but still, my apologies to Rev. Mac, Hyperbore, A Question of ITIL, RickM, werkkate, rae, SteveM, SUBSIM, robertcorrie, "vhjk, vbk, uhj", and Pianista; I wasn't ignoring you, it just never occurred to me that anyone was listening to my ravings….

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