Thursday, 28 November 2013

Sons of Anarchy; Season 6; dare we imagine a Sons without terrible Irish accents?

Well, episode 11 of Sons done drop, and with it they done drop Clay, at long, long last. But first someone put a long overdue bullet right through  Galen O'Shea's smirking implausible face. I've been dreaming of THAT day. Galen's not-quite-right northern accent has been bugging me for as long as I've been surrounded by real ones, to the extent that now that he's finally out of our lives, I googled the actor to see what his excuse was. Turns out he's from Kerry, which explains everything. Southerners, as I've daily been reminded, do terrible nordie accents.

Season 6 has been driven by Jax's crusade to get the Sons out of guns, which has had to surf past the rampaging lunacy of them ever being in guns in the first place and the further lunacy that Galen's nutso Real IRA man was so wedded to the Sons as the only possible middlemen for his vast arms marketing empire. Jax's plan is to get out facilitating mass murder by moving into whoremongering, and he really seems to think it's a step up. Ordinarily I'd look at a plan like that and say "Your mother must be so proud" but then Jax's mother is Gemma Morrow….

There's still two episodes to go, in which presumably Tara's bonkers scheme to get out of Charming with her kids is going to go even more malevolently wrong than it already has. Of course, the real suspense is over whether we've got all these plastic paddies out of Charming once and for all, but I know better than to get too optimistic.

In other news, Donal Logue blew up in the hangar. I'd been looking forward to watching him mess the Sons up all the way through this season, and instead he had a complete meltdown and was dead by episode six, by which stage it was a blessed relief to see him getting off the screen before he ruined all my happy memories of everything else he'd done. Mind you, at least he took Otto with him. That was something. 

But the big news is Clay is gone. After guns, Clay has been Sons' biggest problem for a couple of years now. On the one hand, Ron Perlman is awesome, and you could see how the team didn't want to let go of an asset like that. On the other hand, Clay should have been dead years ago. It was getting harder and harder to believe the stories which were somehow keeping him alive, no matter how much Ron Perlman did to make you buy them. Clay had to go, if anything else was going to make any sense. And with him gone; with that epic presence finally eased out; the rest of the cast have got a chance to fill the space with something new. Are we going to see them step up in the last two episodes? 

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