Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Veronica Mars, the movie

Because we’re in the middle of Hunger Games induced famine of quality movies, this was the week I finally watched the Veronica Mars movie. Which, realistically, is probably best watched on a TV anyhow, since there’s only so much you can do with the kind of money you get off even the world’s biggest ever Kickstarter campaign. The world’s biggest Kickstarter raises enough to pay for the donuts on a Michael Bay movie, or about two and a half TV episodes worth of wisecracking. 

It ain’t bad, actually. It’s not as indispensable as the original TV show, and it’s not as good as the cancelled fourth season would have been, but it’s not bad as a hangout at the class reunion with a slice of the people we last saw seven years ago. Some of whom I haven’t seen in anything else, come to think of it. The thing which impressed me the most was not the endless in-jokes and shout-outs to the original, but the effective deployment of their tiny shock budget. They had very little money for stunts and action, and so they made it count; every moment of action comes a sudden shock, and hits a character when we least expect it and when we’ve had time to get to know the character so that there’s a real impact.

For the rest, it’s a nice capper on a great show. Like all well loved shows, it’s been dogged ever since with sequel rumours, and the closing scene is cleverly written to double as a sequel hook and a satisfactory open ending; Veronica is back in Neptune, looking ahead to trying to clean up town. Sure it would be great to get that as a TV show, but it’s just as good for us to imagine what it might be like. And anyhow, if I get to bring anything back from the dead, it’s still Terriers.

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