Friday, 22 December 2006

GZG SF armour; the grav vehicles

This is the GZG approach to a grav tank, at the early stage of painting. I've undercoated it black and primed it mid green - really cheap mid green, but the shade was the one that I wanted. I'm putting it up partly to show what the vehicle looks like and partly because I'm planning to show the process of painting the vehicle up.

The gun is one of three choices. The saucer shaped thing to the left of the vehicle commander is one of two choices for a sensor housing - the other one is a globe, which i used on the walker tanks.

This shows one of the alternative gun choices. In this case I also stuck a missile box on the mount for the sensor arm in the first example. I made one up in this mode and three with the big gun and the sensor disc. Stargrunt envisages no more than a pltoon of tanks a side so I was thinking in terms of a platoon of two to three gun tanks and one support tank with a short range heavy weapon and missiles for longer range interdiction. Or, being completely truthful, I was just making the most of the variations provided

This is the lighter grav vehicle with a turret mounted long gun. GGZ also make this with an unmanned turret which doesn't look as good. I wound up discarding a number of those turrets to the spares box.

The same light grav vehicle, this time with a support turret. The missile box in this case is cast into the turret. You get to decide which of two different gun barrel types to use; this picture shows the shorter one, and the one above shows the longer.

This shows the heavy with a couple of figures for scale purposes. The figures are old Traveller figures made in the 1980s which I only got round to undercoating and painting once I started buying these vehicles. Below, again for scale, is one of the light tanks with the same figures

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