Sunday, 24 December 2006

GZG walkers; preparation

The plan here is to paint a four colour arid landscape camouflage in light grey, light brown and small hints of mid brown and mid green. It remains to be seen whether I will be any more successful with that than with the gravs.

GZG make two different lines of walkers, eight legged and four legged. The four legged exists at the moment only as an armed scout type vehicle

This is the gun armed variant. There are two gun turrets available, one of which has a light cannon, and the other of which allows you to plug slightly bigger gun barrels into a roughly similar sized turret with a socket for rather science fictiony looking guns.

This is a missile armed variant, actually assembled from some of the spares provided when you order a platoon pack of anything.

Eight legged walkers can now be had either as tanks or APCs, though the APC seems strangely unconvincing to me - hard to get into, hard to get out of, not really high enough for troops to sit inside. I bought the tanks, which can have any of three guns plugged into the turret mantlet and a sensor mast stuck in a socket in the roof. As with the grav vehicles, I made up four, with three main gun turrets and one support turret which has a short gun and a missile pack. The main gun in the picture below doesn't show well; it actually consists of three parallel barrels held together at the muzzle end with a big clamp. I have no idea how I'm going to make that look reasonable. The sensor masts in these cases are the alternative spherical ones provided. One thing I'm really conscious of as the vehicles go together is that GZG have provided a lot of sockets in the turret roofs of their vehicles, and that there aren't really enough things to fill them plausibly. I may have to copy what they do with their own samples on their site and stick antennae into the remaining open holes, because they show up even after you've finished painting.

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