Thursday, 21 December 2006


I have the camera set up right now in the hope of taking some pictures of all that GZG lead I was talking about earlier. I bought a cute little tabletop stand for the camera a while back but it's never really worked out for me; too hard to control the movement of the camera on the useless little head the stand's got. So I got out the tripod and looking across at it now I'm reminded of when I bought it, some twenty years ago. I was on a trip to London with AM, and bought the tripod because it was solid and the price was good, though higher than the limit for bringing things home. On the way back. the customs guys stopped us when we were coming back into the country. They saw the tripod and figured that there was bound to be all kinds of photographic goodies in our luggage. Much searching for contraband ensued.

Nothing to be found. All I had was an obviously well used SLR and nothing much else. It doesn't seem to have occurred to them that what I was actually smuggling was the tripod.

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